I recommend Mariana and EEH Wellness with their many services, all of which are amazing. Mariana offers private  energy sessions that help in alleviating issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia, as well severe PTSD, physical pain, even illness . I send all my patients to her and they absolutely love her. Also, the Qi-Gong Energy Cleanse class is the only method I've ever found that works on the internal organs, meridians and detoxifying tissue. I personally love this class.
-Dr. Dena Mendes ( N.D- Naturopathic Doctor)

This studio has taught me deep mindful breathing, how to concentrate on being present, and accepting. Each core strength class is different. This is no standard "flow" yoga studio. There is no air of competition. Only acceptance and encouragement. I am learning to trust myself, which increases my confidence in "hitting" challenging poses -- and breathing through resistance. EEHW studio is a place of healing through instructive alignment to strengthen the entire body and improve balance. It is a place of love.
- Jill Wilkins

I was going through a difficult time in regard to managing my stress and anxiety.  Soon after attending a few classes, I began to feel more relaxed after the yoga sessions. I also felt comfortable and at ease, and enjoyed the small class sizes and more individualized help and instruction that I felt I was receiving. I began attending classes more and more frequently. Now I regularly attend at least four times a week. I am better able to manage my emotions and anxiety levels. I have also seen a change in my body in regard to tone, strength, and flexibility.
-Marina Lamkoski

I started my sessions with Mariana because I wasn’t handling my stress levels very well. I kept getting shingles on my left eyebrow a few times a year and didn’t know what else to do because medicine wasn’t helping me prevent another outbreak. I also was having a hard time conceiving. Once I started my sessions I quickly became aware of my emotions and how they traveled in my body. She would walk me through every emotion I felt throughout the sessions and helped me connect point A to point B by finding the source of the emotion. She helped me overcome my fears and set my mind to positive thinking. After 3 months of sessions with her, I found out I was pregnant and my energy levels had gone from night to day! I am very aware of every emotion that runs through my body and can now redirect it and manage my energy levels with her tips and techniques. I am honestly so grateful to have found her and for everything she has taught me. I know my life wouldn’t be the same without the changes she has helped incorporate to my day to day.

- Catalina Sada

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