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Holistic Wellness

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Yoga, Meditation  & Alternative Holistic Healing

9:30-10:30AM Mixed Level Vinyasa- Britt Chemla Jones

6:30-7:30PM Restorative Yoga Tune Up- Ann Merle Feldman


8:30-9:30AM Yoga For Everybody- Marcia Bogolub
6:30-7:30PM High Energy Yoga Tune Up- Ann Merle Feldman

9:30-10:30AM Core Strength Vinyasa

1:00- 2:00PM Yoga For EveryBody-Marcia Bogolub

5:00-6:00PM Gentle Yoga

630- 7:30PM Breathing & Meditation


8:00-9:00AM Gentle Yoga
9:30-10:30AM Core Strength Vinyasa
4:30- 5:30PM  Bo Yoga for Balance

8:30-9:30AM Core Strength Vinyasa
10:00-11:00AM Energy cleansing Detox

9:30-10:30AM Gentle Yoga
11:00 - 12:00PM Core Strength Vinyasa



 Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow
Mixed Level class is for both new students and those with  yoga experience. The instructor will guide you into the poses safely and help you modify the movement to be either more challenging or less stressful for your body. For both new and intermediate students.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga
Intermediate to advanced level- A fun fusion class!  Cardio, strengthening, & stretching yoga poses and vinyasa flow using the breath.  This cleansing class will energize, strengthen muscles, detox, and improve circulation. Class ends with savasana (breathing & relaxation).  Modification offered to safely support you during this class. Leave feeling completely balanced - mind, body, and spirit..

Gentle Yoga 

All levels welcomed beginners to advanced-. Gentle class is slower paced yoga making it accessible to students of all sizes, ages, and abilities. This class offers a balance of easeful movement, breath awareness and regulation, and conscious relaxation. Enjoy full body deep stretching with or without the assistance of props,(blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets).  Modifications will be given. Ends with a meditative savasana.  Leave feeling completely balanced- mind, body, and spirit.

Restorative Yoga Tune Up®
Yoga Tune Up® offers a refreshing, yoga-inspired way of working with the body to improve strength, mobility, breath, and mindset. Props, provided for this class, include Roll Model Method balls for self-massage. This restorative class focuses on rebuilding strength, establishing tension-reducing breathing patterns, and exploring both your core and the core of your being.

High Energy Yoga Tune Up®
Yoga Tune Up® offers a refreshing, yoga-inspired way of working with the body to improve strength, mobility, breath, and mindset. Props, provided for this class, include Roll Model Method balls for self-massage. This high-energy class focuses on building the core strength and mobility necessary for fun and challenging yoga poses and inversions, while simultaneously learning how breath and mindset supports our daily challenges.

Yoga For EveryBody

Emphasis on careful alignment, breath/body awareness and gentle dynamic flow means this class both challenges and supports students of all ages and experience. The class is guided with careful cueing, helping each student to move with confidence and to deepen their practice.  Props are encouraged, and modifications given allow everyone to leave the mat feeling both relaxed and renewed!

Bo Yoga

Bo Yoga blends the best of yoga, tai chi using a Bo Yoga Staff as a unique prop. The Bo Yoga Staff is a stable and flexible prop which is used while stretching to improve alignment, leverage and stability and is also used as a balancing tool for lower body exercises making Bo Yoga safer, easier and more effective than traditional methods.
Bo Yoga is easy to learn and fun to practice and the benefits are life changing and long lasting, leading to better health, more energy and a higher quality of life.

Energy Cleansing Detox Class
All levels welcomed-This healing class focus's on Ying and Yang principals and ancient philosophy.  Today we use the techniques of tapping, movement meditation, chakra visualization and vocalization to awaken the bodies self healing response. Restoring a state of balance and health by opening of the acupressure points, meridians, and chakras. Ancient Asian practitioner's used this technique to move Chi, create optimal energy (life force), relieve anxiety & depression,  improve circulation and elevate the inflammatory nature of disease. Class ends with Savasana (breathing & relaxation).  Leave feeling completely balanced- mind, body, and spirit.


Breath work, & Meditation. Learn how to focus on the inner peace & clarity within you. Practice mindfulness by observing & deepening your breath, quieting the mind, setting clear intentions, and expanding your awareness . Guided meditation featuring progressive relaxation techniques , yoga nidra, and guided visualization meditations. Improve your concentration & decrease your stress levels. All Levels welcomed to participate & enjoy!