Yoga for Golfers 

With Ann Badamo-Connors

Saturday April 27th 1-3PM

For golfers of all abilities and all levels of flexibility... no yoga experience required!

A dynamic, hands-on golf performance workshop designed to increase distance, power, focus, confidence and vitality.
Join Anne Connors, Certified Yoga For Golfers (YFG) Instructor in this powerful 2 hour workshop that applies yoga-based physical and mental conditioning to the biomechanics of the golf swing.

See and feel a difference in your game!
~ increase your flexibility and strength for more consistency and power.
~ improve your posture, the foundation of the golf swing.
~ improve your breathing and focused when Hanst your overall performance.
~ Learn a dynamic warm-up, so you play your best right from the first tee.

Cost: $30 in advance or $35 at the door

RSVP at or call 847-926-3252

Source Code Meditation Program

Every Second Saturday of the month 

Pre-Requiste is watching the Webinar

WATCH THIS IF you want to know why you were born; if you have a yearning for a bigger purpose; you seek the enlightened consciousness promised by meditation, but not delivered; you want to unlock your super human potential; you want to know how to confidently live your life from the next stage of human evolution.

If any of this excites you, watch this 90-minute free training that will forever change the way you see the world…and just for staying until the end, receive a coupon code worth hundreds of dollars towards any of our programs.

Discovering your past lives

Saturday March 23rd 6:30-8:30PM

 Past Life Regression may help you to release phobias, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, and physical ailments that limit your growth and well-being. Witness recurring karmic patterns with non-judgment can integrate a lot of wisdom needed to move ahead in life. This guided journey meditation will reconnect you to your soul. Learn to understand the ever expanding nature of your consciousness.  Uncover the lessons you need to learn in your current life as well as see the review of your past life which is of importance at that point of time.

Benefits of Past Life Regression:
• Overcome fear of death
• Discovering Soul purpose
• Deepens your connection with your soul & other celestial beings
• Life Altering Wisdom
• Understanding the people in your life
• Feel more integrated and one with your own being
• Understanding why you made the present life choices as a soul
• Resolving Grief

$30 Preregistration
$35 At the door

RSVP: or call 847-926-3252

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