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Sessions are specifically designed and contoured to the individual’s needs & goals to help accelerate desired results. Within a private setting, the individual will receive customized exercise and guidance for the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. Available for any one of our services.  On site sessions available upon request. Call us for more details 847-926-3252

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Schedule your first Group class today. Group class's  available are Yoga & Meditation.  Clients are assisted with guidance and modifications for all classes.

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   Classes are focused on deep breathing and relaxing into the stretches in order to naturally progress further into the poses. Many modifications are offered so everyone can participate to the best of their ability. Our studio offers a non competitive environment focusing on strengthening the body & positive inner dialogue within us- Acceptance, Love, and Compassion. We believe that to achieve optimum health, a person must have a strong physical body, balanced emotions, and a relaxed mind.

   There are classes for all levels and everyone is welcome to participate. Our philosophy is to help you evolve into the person you want to be and empower you to deepen your awareness. We work with the individual as a whole- the mind, body, and spirit. The studio offers a non competitive, non judgmental atmosphere. Group classes offered at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness in Highland Park are Yoga and Meditation for all levels.