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Sessions are specifically designed and contoured to the individual’s needs & goals to help accelerate desired results. Within a private setting, the individual will receive customized exercise and guidance for the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. Available for any one of our services.  On site sessions available upon request.

Schedule your first Group class today. Group class's  available are Yoga, Meditation, and Yin & Yang Balance.  Clients are assisted with guidance and modifications for classes.

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Experience is everything, and here at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness (EEH Wellness). Our philosophy is to  work on the individual as a whole- the mind, body, and spirit.  Group classes offered at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness in Highland Park are Yoga and Meditation.

Benefits of Yoga & other classes are:

•A fitter, leaner body •Better sleeping patterns •Improved posture and balance •Increased body awareness •Improved concentration •Relief of back and joint pain •Greater flexibility and better range of motion •Better overall health, energy, and vitality •Natural weight loss •Lower levels of stress, anxiety, and tension  

Just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness in Highland Park

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