Yoga studio & classes in Highland Park

​Yoga, Meditation, & Holistic Healing

​Essential Evolution

Holistic Wellness

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: 3 Group Classes in 14 days for $30

 A personally owned yoga studio that offers a nurturing, relaxing, and non-competitive environment. Our community is warm and inviting. We focus on strengthening, stretching, and softening into the body. The teachers here are kind, caring, and down to earth. They are Certified and thoroughly trained to help guide you in a safe and meaningful mindful practice. In order to achieve optimum health, a person must have a strong physical body, balanced emotions, and a relaxed mind. Essential Evolution is here to help you on your journey. Let us teach you how! . 

   There are classes available for all levels. We are a Beginner-friendly studio. Our philosophy is to help you evolve into the person you want to be. Are you ready for some me time? Do you want to feel relaxed, uplifted, and energized?

Our calming studio is the perfect place to connect to your mind and body, no matter your level of practice.